Quiz: Is Your Business a Battered Land Rover, a Dodgy Jaguar or a Gleaming Ferrari?

by Steven Hourston on September 20, 2012

This isn’t the world’s most scientific quiz, but it’s short and sharp and may help you to take a fresh look at your lifestyle. Simply choose the answer that best reflects how you feel.

1. My business:

a) is a daily grinding, worrying struggle to make ends meet
b) pays the bills but consumes all my time and energy
c) energises me and funds my dream lifestyle

2. I look in the mirror and see:

a) a stressed person I hardly recognise
b) a tired person who needs a holiday
c) a smiling, confident person who loves life

3. My family:

a) are wary of my moods
b) make me feel guilty because they have to compete for my time and attention
c) inspire me and enjoy the benefits of my success

4. My friends:

a) are worried about me and can’t understand why I don’t give up
b) can’t believe how hard I work and think I need to “get a life”
c) are a bit in awe of me and I can tell that some of them envy my success

5. When someone asks me about my last holiday:

a) I think “What’s a holiday?”
b) I remember all the problems I returned to
c) I think it was fantastic, but the next one’s going to be even better

6. My monthly bills:

a) scare me to death
b) mean working even longer hours to pay for them
c) are easily affordable and I pay them without thinking

7. My health:

a) I hope I make it to Christmas
b) I look a lot older than I am
c) who is that tanned, fit, smiling person before me?

8. Finding new customers:

a) I struggle to find new customers
b) some weeks are good but others are bad
c) I attract all the customers I need. In fact I choose the ones I want to serve

9. My customers:

a) moan, are demanding, are very slow to pay and drain my energy
b) appreciate my service but demand a lot of my time
c) are so appreciative and can’t thank me enough

10. When I mention price my customers:

a) leave in horror
b) haggle and argue
c) happily pay what I ask

11. Once customers have bought:

a) I never see them again
b) they stay for 3-6 months
c) they become loyal, raving fans

So what do your answers tell you…

If you answered mostly a’s, your business is like a battered Land Rover:

“Together you’ve covered some rough terrain in appalling conditions. How much more can your Land Rover take?”

What can I say, you’re enduring some tough times. The recession’s probably hitting you harder than most. It can’t be easy and part of you must be worried about how long you can keep going.

Have you tried looking online for new customers? They’re out there and you can attract their attention quickly, but it’s not an effortless silver bullet. You’ll need to learn a little and spend some time taking action.

Take a look at these 4 free videos. They show you some easy steps you can take  to begin to change your fortunes.

If you answered mostly b’s, your business is like a dodgy Jaguar:

“Sometimes your business purrs like a contented cat, but too often it doesn’t perform as it should and lets you down.”

In better times you’d be laughing. Isn’t it frustrating that you’re having to endure this hard economy.  You only need a few more customers to make life much easier and to really enjoy the fruits of your labours.

What you might not realise is just how close you could be to jumping to a new level of prosperity. There are still plenty of customers out there, but their buying habits have changed.

Watch these 4 free videos. They might help you to make the jump.

If you answered mostly c’s, your business is like a gleaming Ferrari:

“Your business turns heads. It roars with energy and vitality, tearing ahead of the competition.”

You’re doing really well and the recession isn’t really affecting you.

You still enjoy your foreign holidays and indulge your passions, treating yourself to the best that life has to offer.

I guess a big part of your success has been your thirst for knowledge and testing new ideas. You invest in working with experts because they’ve helped you to fund your lifestyle and get to where you are today.

You may be interested in these 4 free videos or you may want to begin a more personal relationship to get even better results, in which case you should click here.

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