How a Bar of Soap and a Pillow Can Make Your Business Grow Faster

by Steven Hourston on November 13, 2012

Flickr Creative Commons:  johnthescone

The British Cycling Team has some strange habits, but they help them to win more gold medals than anyone else.

Their goal is to win gold by being faster than their competitors. Sometimes they win by the width of a tyre.

Everything they do focuses on one simple question:

Will this make the bike go faster?

Sometimes their riders are physically sick because of their training – they train that hard because it makes their bike go faster.

Other choices are easier.

They discovered that by showing each rider how to properly wash their hands they got fewer infections. Fewer infections meant less training days lost to illness and recovery, so they could stick to their training schedules – which made the bike go faster.

Each athlete takes their own pillow when they travel because when they use their own pillow they get a better night’s sleep. The bike goes faster because they are properly rested.

If something will make their bike go faster, they’ll do it whether it’s easy or hard. If it won’t they ignore it.

And they repeated their success at the London Olympics, winning more gold medals than anyone else because of this focus.

My simple goal for Business Sparks is to enable entrepreneurs to ignite their business growth.

Instead of asking:

  • “Will this make the bike go faster?”

I ask:

  • “Will this ignite your business growth?

Everything on this website is challenged by this question. If it’ll grow your business it’s here, if not it isn’t.

Keep it simple.

What will make your business grow faster?

Now do the same for your business. What’s your “Will this make the bike go faster” question?

British National Championships 2008 Manchester Velodrome
Steven Burke adds UK Championship to his Olympic Bronze 2008
johnthescone via flickr Creative Commons

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