No Argument in the World Can Ever Compare With One Dramatic Demonstration

by Steven Hourston on December 5, 2012

4 minutes ago I ordered some Sugru.

I heard about it for the first time last Friday and was intrigued enough to watch this video.

What an amazing product and this video proves this quote from Claude Hopkins:

“No argument in the world can ever compare with one dramatic demonstration.”

This video prompted me to order a product I didn’t even know I needed.

Here’s another dramatic demonstration.

In just 6 weeks this video had over 6 million views on YouTube.

Tom’s also blended golf balls, a crowbar, Justin Bieber, marbles and Old Spice. All brilliant PR for his blenders and just the sort of content people love to share on social media.

How could you dramatically demonstrate your product or service?

If you want some ideas have a look at how we can work together or give me a call on 0207 112 8814.

PS. The story of the development of Sugru is an inspiring tale of hard work, talent and creativity. Read about it here

What stories could you tell?

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