Social Networks Infographic: Personal v Professional

by Steven Hourston on September 26, 2012

Here’s an infographic on the use of social networks based on research by LinkedIn.

How do personal and professional networks compare?

What is increasingly important is for business owners to engage with their customers and potential customers via social networks.

Those who build social proof will be visible.

Those who don’t will be invisible. And invisible businesses don’t survive.

The shrewdest business owners will take “social proof” a step further. They’ll seek to engage with their customers and potential customers online. They’ll answer their questions, respond to problems and educate; all the time building trust and rapport.

The key question for any business that intends to invest time and money in developing their social media presence is…

“How will my activity increase my profits?”

And discovering the networks where their customers and potential customers spend their time is an important step. This infographic may help…

Which social networks work for you?

How do you know? What metrics do you measure?

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