Customer Attraction Strategies

No Nonsense

February 20, 2013

How about this for a compelling marketing message? Can you explain the benefits of your service as clearly as this?

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But You Promised…

December 3, 2012

Last Saturday I promised to take the kids swimming. I’d enjoyed a few glasses of red wine on Friday evening, so when they jumped on me while it was still dark on Saturday morning I groaned that we’d go on Sunday instead. But dad you promised… 2 hours later I was being drowned by sea-monsters [...]

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A Talented Entrepreneur Who Endured 9 Months of Stomach-Churning Worry

November 22, 2012

Simon’s integrity struck me the minute he opened his mouth. He’s hard working, enthusiastic and honest and his voice conveys these values. We had our first conversation on the phone and meeting him in person reinforced my initial impression. I watched him as he served a customer, although he didn’t notice, because his customer had [...]

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