Which Emotions Are Triggered By Your Service Or Product?

October 15, 2012

Unless you serve Spock, you must compete in the marketplace of emotions. Emotion drives human behaviour. Neuroscientists and psychologists have studied how our brains are activated when making buying decisions. And they’ve made a surprising discovery. Customers think they consciously decide what they buy, but that’s not what the scientists have found. They’ve discovered that our [...]

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Your Customer’s Lizard Brain Does the Buying

October 12, 2012

You’ve got 3 brains inside your head but only one of them decides what to buy. Most businesses “speak” to the wrong brain and lose sales. When you “speak” to your customer’s lizard brain you’ll sell much more. This video, normally only available to Business Sparks members, shows you 6 ways to excite a lizard. [...]

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The Stories Your Customers Love to Hear

October 10, 2012

People buy from people and they choose the person who elicits the right feelings, not the person with the best arguments. The best and fastest way to elicit the right feelings is to tell stories. For thousands of years our ancestors sat round fires and exchanged stories. These stories were crucial to their survival: where [...]

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Sell Like a Drug Dealer

July 24, 2012

When I started work I hated the idea of selling. To be good at selling I mistakenly thought you had to be a loud, over-confident extrovert who could reverse every objection and make people buy from you. And to be honest that appalled me. I couldn’t do it and more importantly I never wanted to [...]

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