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No Argument in the World Can Ever Compare With One Dramatic Demonstration

December 5, 2012

4 minutes ago I ordered some Sugru. I heard about it for the first time last Friday and was intrigued enough to watch this video. What an amazing product and this video proves this quote from Claude Hopkins: “No argument in the world can ever compare with one dramatic demonstration.” This video prompted me to order [...]

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Amazon, Google and Starbucks: Do the Right Thing.

November 20, 2012

Did you know that Stephen Fry’s favourite utensil is the snappily named “3 in 1 Aluminium Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter Machine?” 104 reviewers on Amazon agree with him giving it 4.4 stars out of 5. My kids love it. In June I bought a Digital Tyre Inflator on Amazon because 348 people gave it [...]

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Personal Branding: How to Fill Page 1 of Google With Your Name

October 31, 2012

When did you last Google yourself? Your customers, suppliers and contacts check you out on Google all the time. Do they see an impressive personal brand dominating the page? Do the results prompt them to use your services, or do they put them off? Google yourself right now… Google …does every result positively promote you and [...]

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Social Networks Infographic: Personal v Professional

September 26, 2012

Here’s an infographic on the use of social networks based on research by LinkedIn. How do personal and professional networks compare? What is increasingly important is for business owners to engage with their customers and potential customers via social networks. Those who build social proof will be visible. Those who don’t will be invisible. And [...]

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Increase Your Profits With Social Media

June 25, 2012

Social Media can consume a lot of your time. Before writing your blog, chatting on forums, pumping out emails, or building your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter following you should answer one killer question: “How will my activity increase my profits?” Social media is about deepening your relationship with existing customers and building trust and rapport [...]

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