A Talented Entrepreneur Who Endured 9 Months of Stomach-Churning Worry

by Steven Hourston on November 22, 2012

Simon’s integrity struck me the minute he opened his mouth.

He’s hard working, enthusiastic and honest and his voice conveys these values. We had our first conversation on the phone and meeting him in person reinforced my initial impression.

I watched him as he served a customer, although he didn’t notice, because his customer had Simon’s complete attention and that made the customer feel very special. He trusted him because Simon listened so carefully. He bought from him because he was impressed with his expertise. The order was worth £1,500, but some customers spend nearer to £7,000.

Simon should have been one of the happiest business owners I’ve ever met. His customers loved his service, his talent and obvious passion.

He had just one problem and he told me he’d had a knotted stomach worrying about it every minute of every day for over 9 months.

He couldn’t attract enough customers.

He’d borrowed money from his father and invested his own savings to open his business 9 months ago. In each of those 9 months he’d lost money. His dad believed in him, but Simon couldn’t see how he could make his business work. And he had a young family to support.

We started working together and the next month Simon made his first profit.

Every month since then he’s made a bigger profit and yesterday after we’d finalised his goals for 2013 he introduced me to his second new employee.

The only thing that has changed is Simon now attracts more customers.

Like many entrepreneurs Simon has a mastery for his service. This mastery means that he can solve his customers problems. And his personality makes his service even more special.

But it wasn’t enough and one of the most talented people I’ve ever met came very close to losing his business and his savings, although he told me he was more worried about letting his father down.

To succeed Simon’s mastery needed to be partnered with a mastery for attracting customers.

Simon has the ability to master customer attraction strategies and many entrepreneurs choose this route. Click here to see how I can help those entrepreneurs.

Simon needed faster results, so we worked together 1 to 1.

If your business is struggling or if you dream of taking your business to a new level of prosperity, find someone to help you. Don’t live with the worry.

Let’s work together to ignite your business growth: watch these stunning videos.

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