Are You Unique or Are You Invisible?

by Steven Hourston on June 18, 2012

Coffee break posts are sometimes slightly “off topic” from the main goal of this blog to help educate and equip you for greater success with your business.

My kids love this video. I love it too and some of it’s shot in Edinburgh, where I was born.

It’s a clip of Danny MacAskill, a Scottish trials cyclist showcasing his skills, honed over 12 years of hard practise. He brings them to life in a unique and inspired way. In fact he’s so unique he was able to give up his job as a mechanic to ride full time. And that was because he posted a video demonstrating his talent on YouTube. It went viral attracting over 20 million views.

Do you express your talents and service in a unique way?

Do you bring them to life for your customers?

If you do, you’ll stand out and attract attention. If not, you risk obscurity and may remain invisible to hoards of customers for whom you have the ideal solution.

Food for thought.

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