But You Promised…

by Steven Hourston on December 3, 2012

Last Saturday I promised to take the kids swimming. I’d enjoyed a few glasses of red wine on Friday evening, so when they jumped on me while it was still dark on Saturday morning I groaned that we’d go on Sunday instead.

But dad you promised…

2 hours later I was being drowned by sea-monsters in a crowded pool.

We grow up making promises.

Promises are important. They’re personal and we’ve grown up expecting them to be kept. A broken promise hurts not because of a 24 hour delay in going swimming but because it breaks an emotional commitment.

Do you know why people buy from you?

They buy what your service (or product) promises to do for them.

People don’t pound for hours on a treadmill or lift weights for fun – they want to feel good about their attractive physique.

They don’t endure a revolutionary diet because that’s what they like to eat – they want to be slim.

They don’t change their mobile phone every year for better reception – they want to look “cool” to their friends.

They think they engage a life-coach to solve an immediate problem – they really want their life to have greater a sense of meaning and purpose.

It’s easy to lose sales by camouflaging a core promise with benefits.

  • I promise to give you free delivery
  • I promise I’m a reliable family business
  • I promise this is free from additives
  • I promise I have 20 years experience

Brilliant camouflage.

Strip away the camouflage to reveal your core promise:

  • I promise you’ll have an energising sense of purpose after 3, 60 minute sessions
  • I promise to stop the taxman taking so much of your money
  • I promise to create your dream conservatory on time and on budget
  • I promise you’ll have your pizza in 30 minutes or it’s free

Your customers want your core promise: the transformation you offer.

Make sure your customers see and feel the full emotional impact of your promise.

You should make your core promise the first thing they see, especially on your website where you have 8 seconds to grab their attention.

After making your core promise you need to back it up with plenty of proof to show you can deliver on your promise. Never over-promise and under-deliver and avoid hype at all  costs.

Now think about your own service.

What is your core promise?

Do this: you’ll get more clients and I promise your business will fund your ideal lifestyle.

This post: “What are you really selling?” will help too.

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